Common Questions about Replacement Windows and Doors in Sunnyvale, CA?

Sunnyvale CA Replacement WindowsDo you have questions about replacing the doors and windows in your Sunnyvale, CA home? It can be a big investment, so it makes sense that you should have your questions answered before making your decision.

Our team at The Screen Shop is here to provide the answers that you need. We want to be sure that you are happy with the results after we are done with the installation. So we will take the time to talk to you about your preferences for the new windows. We can help you compare brands and products so that you make the choices that will best support the needs of your family.

Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions that we hear:

Is it Necessary to Replace My Windows?

Each situation is unique, so there isn’t one answer for every family. The best way that you can determine whether the windows need to be replaced is by scheduling a consultation with our team at The Screen Shop. We can come to your home, inspect your current doors and windows, and then help you choose the timing of the installation.

Sometimes, the inspection will show that it isn’t necessary to make these upgrades right away. But, there are always benefits that can be available when you decide to spend the money on home renovations, even if they aren’t urgent upgrades.

Which Window Brands are Best?

It is a good idea to choose reputable window brands to ensure that you are getting the best quality in the industry. We specialize in Milgard and Marvin windows because of the excellent reputation of these companies. By choosing high-quality materials, paired with our excellent installation services, you will be able to optimize the results for your family.

Will Replacement Doors and Windows Impact the Energy Efficiency of My Home?

Choosing to invest in new doors and windows is one of the best things that you can do for energy efficiency. It is important that your home is sealed to reduce the thermal transfer that occurs in these areas. Old windows are typically drafty and poorly insulated, which means that you are losing cold air through the windows when the air conditioner is running.

Walk around each room in your home and pay attention to the temperature fluctuations that occur. If you notice a change in temperature, then it could be an indication of drafty windows. These old windows need to be replaced with new, energy efficient materials if you want to seal each room in your house.

Is it Worth the Cost to Buy Replacement Windows and Doors?

Even though you will be spending money upfront for the installation, there are long-term financial benefits that can help you recover some of this investment. One of the first investments that you will enjoy is a reduction in your energy usage each month. Improving the energy efficiency of your doors and windows will decrease the time that the air conditioner needs to run. As a result, your utility bills will go down.

The other financial benefit is found in the increased value of your property. If you are thinking about selling in the future, then investing in replacement windows can be a great way to boost the asking price in the listing. The appraiser will see the high-quality materials, giving you the benefit of more equity in your home. This equity is the best way to prepare yourself to buy another home in the future.

How Can I Stay in My Budget?

Setting a budget for your replacement windows and doors is a great way to protect your family finances. To manage your budget, you need to be sure that you choose a window contractor that offers competitive prices. Here at The Screen Shop, we have been in business for over 45 years. This time has given us the opportunity to negotiate great prices with our suppliers. We want to help our customers by passing these savings along.

Another factor that will impact your budget is the type of windows that you choose for your Sunnyvale, CA home. If you have a tight budget, then you should think about the benefits of vinyl replacement windows. These materials are cheap, giving you a low-cost solution without sacrificing the quality of your home.

When is the Right Time for Replacement Windows?

If you are trying to decide when your windows need to be replaced, then you should contact our team at The Screen Shop for more information. We will schedule a consultation so that we can consider your needs and help you make the right decision. Our goal is to educate our customers and support in the decision-making process.

Come to our showroom to learn more about replacement windows and doors in Sunnyvale, CA. We are located at 601 Hamline St San Jose, CA 95110. Or call if you have questions to ask over the phone: (408) 295-7384.